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Architectural Steel

Slim Lite – Our Slim Lite products are made using a heavy 12-gauge steel (30% thicker than 14-gauge) and machined steel hinges with brass bushings that are rated at 800lbs capacity per hinge. Each door and jamb is insulated with a dense closed-cell polyurethane foam using a computerized machine measuring backflow and penetration for a 100.00% fill.

Wrought Iron – Our wrought iron products are built using the same high quality 12-gauge steel with the addition of 5/8” hand-forged iron bar scrollwork. These doors have heavy duty 12.5” hinges that are rated at a 1000lbs capacity per hinge. These doors and jambs are also insulated with a dense closed-cell polyurethane foam.

Fluorocarbon Finish

All products are completed with a durable fluorocarbon finish. Using the most advanced painting system out of Europe, TrenMetals launched “fluorocarbon” technology in February of 2017. Created for use in the automotive, steel-roofing and marine industries, fluorocarbon is one of the longest lasting and most durable finishes for metal products. This multi-stage paint system begins with a mica-iron primer followed by a zinc-rich primer, multi-coats of urethane paint, a brush-on faux finish (depending on color) and finished with multi-coats of a urethane clear coating for a final seal. There are 4 separate baking operations between each coating type to create the fluorocarbon bond.

• Finish materials are imported from Europe
• Fluorocarbon finishes are used on high-end steel roofing for its fade-resistance
• 80% more effective than powder coating for its’ impact-resistance, scratch-resistance, UV resistance, frost resistance and fade-resistance
• Finish goes through 5 baking processes (between coats)
• Application procedure
• Sandblast to clean and de-bur
• Zinc-rich epoxy primer (1st bake)
• Mica iron epoxy primer (2nd bake)
• Metal filler applied for welded areas-2 applications (3-4th bake)
• Intermediate coat followed by inspection process
• Paint application (Urethane blend)-2 applications
• Clear coat sealer applied (multi-coat)


Slim Lite – True divided lite glass partitions or simulated divided glass partitions available in Clear LowE (Argon). Beveled edge aluminum glass beads on exterior side. 5/8” thick dual-pane or ½” single-pane tempered glass available in 9 texture options.

Wrought Iron – Dual-paned, 5/8” thick, tempered and insulated glass. Glass for our wrought iron doors include a separately hinged frame that opens inward for cleaning and threaded compression locks with custom neoprene caps.

Triple-Sputtered LowE glass –
Our Triple-Sputtered LowE option is a high performance dual-paned glass system maintaining excellent thermal properties without sacrificing visibility.

U-Value performance rating : .27

Using the latest advancements in the glazing industry, TrenMetals doors and windows meet all of the most recent International Energy Code requirements. Using the Sputter-Vacuum Deposition process, our LowE coatings are triple coated with Silver lining to offer the highest visibility and best solar control.

Available upgrades to LowE glass:

Triple-glazed units
Impact glass units

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